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Fiber Is Extremely Important for Your Health and Here Are 10 Reason Why

Remember how your Mom told you to eat more fiber, when you were a kid? All that fiber eating hassle was so that you “stayed regular.” If you don’t know what this means, open your notepads and start taking notes. “Staying regular” simply means having a proper digestion processes and proper bowel movements thereafter, on time, and regularly.

Nowadays, it is actually a common belief that fiber consumption is only essential for proper bowel movement. However, there are muany more health benefits you didn’t know of. Here are just a few of them.

Fiber Helps in Weight Loss

Even if you don’t need any other health improvements, adding fiber to your everyday diet will help you shed unwanted pounds. Annals of Internal Medicine recently conducted a research in this matter. It showed that persons consuming at least 30 grams of fiber daily shed a considerable amount of extra pounds. Moreover, they were able to lose almost as much as those, who restricted their intake of sugar, fat, calories, and increased their vegetable ingestion.

Fiber Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

As fiber is able to help keep your weight and blood sugar in check, the more you eat it, the less likely you are to develop type 2 Diabetes. According to researches, eating over 26 grams of fiber daily may reduce your chances of developing metabolic disorders by 18%.

Fiber Protects the Heart


You support your heart’s health by eating enough fiber. One of the researches showed that after a 12-week high-fiber diet 223 participants have had their blood pressure drop. Fiber consumption can as well help reduce cholesterol levels.

Fiber Makes Your Gut Bacteria Healthier

This one is not something we think about on a frequent basis. However, gut bacteria plays a critical part in a person’s well-being. One Italian study displayed that a high-fiber diet has a direct link to higher short-chain fatty acids’ levels. This, in turn, reduces systemic inflammation processes.

Fiber Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Multiple researches have displayed that proper fiber consumption may lower the risk of breast and colorectal cancer. Dietary fat is frequently associated with higher risk of breast cancer. That said, high-fiber diets are essentially low-fat and, thus, can help reduce the risk of tumor development. Concerning colorectal cancer, the experts believe that due to fiber’s quicker movement through the body, carcinogens have less time to affect the colon tissues. Furthermore, fiber has also been linked to reduction of mouth, throat, and esophageal cancer development risks, as well.

Fiber Can Extend Your Life

A Harvard School of Public Health research proved that following a high-fiber diet plan may extend one’s life. According to the study, people consuming fiber-rich cereals have a 19% lower risk of dying. At the same time, people consuming whole grains have that risk reduced by 17%.

Fiber Helps Natural Detoxification

Modern trends have made detox diet a real thing. People are mixing warm water with cayenne pepper and drinking it for days in hopes to clear their systems out. Instead of torturing yourself with something as harsh, you can just add more fiber to your diet. Since fiber helps clean your system, any chemicals that could be present in the food you eat gets removed quicker from it too.

Fiber Reduces the Chance of Stroke

According to a study, every 7 grams of fiber consumed reduce the risk of stroke by 7%. This sounds like a serious reason to add more fibers to your diet.

Fiber Makes Your Skin Healthier

There are particular types of fiber that can help your skin look clearer and healthier. Fiber helps your body get rid of fungus and yeast, preventing them from secreting through the skin, which in turn may result in rashes and even acne.

Fiber Lowers the Risk of Kidney Stones and Gallstones

Fiber-rich diets can assist in reducing the risk of kidney stones and gallstones due to better blood sugar regulation.

Women over 50 should consider consuming 25 grams of fiber daily. In the same time, men over 50 should aim 38 grams a day. Although it could be a bit difficult to achieve, it’s critical for a healthy diet.

As we’ve reached the end of our list, we hope that you’ve taken notes on why fiber is so important for your health. Although the childhood-time myth about its bowel movement purpose is partially true, fiber is so much more than that. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information to think of and put to proper use in your daily life.

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