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Beyoncé’s Make-up Artist Talks About Celebrating Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Beyoncé’s famous make-up artist, Sir John, found time to speak to Bazaar about a variety of issues related to him and the beauty industry, including the new Gap Logo Remix campaign that he spearheads, and how Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has pioneered a trend on inclusive beauty products.  Although Sir John is most famous for having Beyoncé’s blind trust to create her flawless looks, he also works with other famous celebrities, such as the Kardashians and Chrissy Teigen.  He is quite a busy man, being also the brand ambassador for L’Oreal, creating Gap’s new campaign, and he is also a mentor and producer of the reality show American Beauty Star.


The make-up artist has voiced in the past how he encourages diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry as a whole (make-up and fashion), which is why he was asked if he is using products from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Make-up Line on his clients.   Sir John confirmed he does, and explained that the packaging is the first thing that attracted him to the brand.  We do agree with him when he specified that before he falls in love with the cosmetic product inside, he needed to fall in love with the packaging first.  He admitted as well how good Fenty Beauty products are, pointing to the detail that they are highly pigmented.   And even thought Fenty products are pricey, they are worth every penny because of their value and the coverage they offer.

Sir John loves how the Fenty Beauty brand is reshaping of the cosmetic industry from being limited to becoming inclusive.  He shared that he has friends whousually find it hard to snag  that perfect shade of foundation, but because of the availability of 40 Fenty shades to choose from, it will no longer be a problem anymore.


In order to keep progressing with the celebration of diversity, Sir John said that moves should be done beyond making different shades of foundation available to all, he mentioned extending (and the importance of) it to visual representation.  What does he mean by that?  The make-up artists explained the importance of visually representing ordinary people of all races and color on campaign ad and billboards.  He elaborated by making an example of a little girl who is either too dark because she has a lot of melanin or may have vitiligo because she lacks melanin on her body, seeing herself represented in a campaign ad will definitely make her feel good about herself and boost her self confidence.

Sir John’s willingness to work with Gap also has something to do with the brand always being inclusive with their campaigns, and cites this as the reason why it is not joining the uproar on social media with regard to creating diversity in campaigns.   He said that with the Gap Logo Remix he wanted his make-up to reflect what is currently going on in society, he did not want to create one look so as not to appear as stereotypical.  The famed make-up artist wanted every man and woman who looks at the modern and fresh campaign to be able to relate with it.  He wanted them to point to the campaign and remark something like, “that is so me!”


The make-up artist is well aware of how fast paced our world is today, and that women are looking for products that are convertible by nature, meaning one product having multiple uses, such as a blush that can work as a lipstick as well, or a lipstick that can be used as an eye shadow, too.  He is onboard with this modern take on cosmetics, as he has many friends who have kids and do not have the luxury of time when putting on make-up.  However, he said he also is a fan of taking things slowly, especially with make-up.  Sir John mentioned famous women he admired because of their make-up vanities, such as Dita Von Teese and Elizabeth Taylor.  He looked back at a time when women will not leave the house unless they are fully made up, saying that this is the trend which modern women in Dubai follow to a ‘T’ right now.

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