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Celebrities Who Made a Fantastic Comeback after Giving Birth

People say that babies turn your life around, which is absolutely true in every sense. When it comes to celebrities, it seems that they gain supernatural powers of dropping pregnancy weight quicker, than we, mere mortals, can say “Lose it!” They continue to surprise and amaze the fans all around the globe with their astounding comebacks.

Beyoncé Got Rid of Her Locks

Queen Bey has been on the forefront of celebrity lifestyle for quite some time now. She is a real Jack-in-the-box and she proved it when she cut her amazing locks back in 2013, when her daughter Blue Ivy became a toddler. Beyoncé posted her photo with the new haircut on Instagram and left it without caption, so we can’t say for sure if this was due to her baby girl pulling her gorgeous hair or just for the sake of change. The community and fans were obviously left speechless with the new look either way.

Even Rita Hazan, the queen’s colorist, dropped her jaw in awe. Recalling the event, she said she was quite shocked by the transformation and that she thinks it was about Beyonce feeling strong and empowered as a woman and that she did not want to be hiding behind her gorgeous hair in her everyday life.

Although Queen Bey’s lock cut isn’t exactly a comeback right after giving birth, but it certainly was a bold move and particular statement for her fans. As of her body looks, we can all see her on stage during tours and witness that she’s always a queen, who’s always putting a heck of effort to look stunning and royal.

Heidi Klum – Once an Angel, Always an Angel

Frau Klum is always a stunner. Just five weeks after her daughter Lou, her fourth child, was brought into this world, the heroic host of Project Runway said farewell to 25 lbs. of gestation weight and lit up the runway at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in 2009. She walked out to a massive round of applause, sporting a purple corset-half gown dress and served as the show’s acting host. As Christian Siriano, winner of Project Runway season four, acknowledged, Heidi’s look was “fierce.” And it was indeed.

Ms. Klum wasn’t as happy with the results, though. She said that it always takes time to lose post-pregnancy weight and that she was hoping to shed another 20 lbs. Well, as we can see, she is as “fierce” as ever in her new photoshoots and appearances on TV and Runway.

Angelina Jolie Shook the Red Carpet

Angelina Jolie is one of the Hollywood’s sweethearts, who always has the eyes of the media on her at all times. She’s had quite a few remarkable moments off the screen, like wearing vials as jewelry, with her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton, that had their blood in them and kissing her brother at the Oscars. And she certainly left everyone speechless, when she bounced back to her original shape after giving life to twins. Just three months after pregnancy, the actress dazed everyone with her amazing look wearing a body-con dress by Atelier Versace during the promotion of Changeling. During her interview with the People magazine, she said that breastfeeding and running around with kids were really helpful for her weight loss.

Gwen Stefani Struck the Fans’ Hearts

After giving birth to her first child, Kingston, in 2006, Gwen Stefani was rather frank about everything. She stated that it was difficult for her to get rid of the baby weight. But, she did mention that if you put enough effort into it, the weight goes off. Moreover, Gwen credited her breastfeeding and metabolism as major factors in the pound-shedding process.

When she gave birth to Zuma, her second child, she did it again and in a much more impressive manner. It was only 10 months after pregnancy, when she’s already been showing off her six-pack abs at a Canada concert. And yet here we work like there’s no tomorrow, years in a row, to get at least something similar to that… When talking to InStyle, Gwen said that she was committed to training four days in a week and mentioned that it was pure old-school fitness all the way.

Amazing, right? Everyone wants such stunning abs and fit shape. It is suggested that both pregnant and non-pregnant women should focus on lightweight resistance with restricted rest time between sets, instead of focusing on cardio. However, it’s obvious that mere working out will not cut the weight and rip those abs. Diet is always a big player in the weight-loss process. So, work hard and count your calories to get best results.

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