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Kim, Kylie, or Riri… Which Celebrity Make-up Line Topples The Others?

Move over Kim and Kylie, there is a new celebrity with a make-up line that is creating quite a buzz ever since it became available on the market, and it looks like it she might end up on top.  Rihanna has joined the bandwagon of famous celebrities with a cosmetic line that she launched last September 2017.  Everyone obsessed with cosmetics and everything beauty-related go gaga over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, especially because of the products were high quality and inclusive – her foundation boasts of a total of forty shades! No other competitor comes close to this number.

Let us take a look at the celebrity make-up lines currently dominating the market and see which one is worth your money


Kim Kardashian has been an entrepreneur for a few years now, which began with the clothing line she and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe started.  Last year, however, she entered the cosmetic scene with her KKW Beauty Line, debuting with a contouring kit called, Crème Contour and Highlight Kit.  Her entry into the beauty business was met with mixed reviews, especially because of the fact that her sister, Kylie Jenner, already has a cosmetic business.  The reality star explained her beauty brand will be totally different from her sister’s, and will not concentrate solely on make-up products.  When Kim introduced her KKW perfume line, her products supposedly earned her $10 million in just a day!  She recently revealed the release of KKW Beauty’s line of glosses and highlighters, and people are predicting it will be selling like pancakes just like her perfume products.


Kylie Jenner is the youngest in both the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, but at just 20 years old, she may be the most successful of them all when it comes to entrepreneurship and net worth.  It was in November 2015 that Kylie introduced the $29 Kylie Lip Kit (a kit that includes a liquid lipstick and a lip pencil that matches), only available online at that time and quickly sold out.  What brought about this business venture is Kylie’s obsession with YouTube make-up tutorials when she was younger, saying she have always wanted fuller looking lips.  In an interview she made in 2016, Kylie said she dreams of her make-up line to become as big as the other well-known cosmetic line, and that she wanted to be on Forbes.

That dream actually came true last year, when she woke up to the news that she was on the Forbes 100 list of highest paid celebrities – listing her 2016 earnings at $41 million.  According to Women’s Wear Daily or WWD, a fashion industry Journal, Kylie Cosmetics sales in 18 months totaled to $420 million, and they are projecting it will reach the $1 billion mark by the year 2022.  That is quite a feat, especially when you hear how successful Kylie Cosmetics is by comparing it to the other big make-up brands in the market; famed make-up artist Bobbi Brown what top wait 25 years before her make-up line sales reached $1 billion, it was longer for L’Oréal’s Lancôme, it took them 80 years to hit the $1 billion mark, and Tom Ford Beauty took 10 years to earn $500 million.  Kylie Cosmetics is now carrying more products in their line, including glosses, highlighters, and concealer.


Out of the three famous cosmetic brands that beauty-obsessed fans have fallen in love with, it looks like the new Fenty Beauty brand by superstar singer Rihanna is quickly coming up on top.  WWD reported that sales of Fenty Beauty in one month alone are five times higher than that of Kylie Cosmetics.  With the rate the beauty brand is growing, it is highly possible its sales will hit the $1 billion mark even before 2022!  The appeal of Fenty Beauty is largely because it caters to all women with different skin tones. As the singer narrated, the inspiration for the creation of her make-up brand is her mother, who worked at for a cosmetic store when she was younger.

Rihanna also said she has been fascinated with make-up and what it does to a woman’s skin.  She recalled her first experience with foundation when she joined a beauty pageant in Barbados, saying she loved how it made her skin tone appear even.  Fenty Beauty’s most popular product is the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, because it carries 40 shades and has full coverage effect.  The achievement of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is a great example that when your product caters for all, it will surely be successful.

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