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Uncovering the Secrets of Beyoncé’s Stunning Looks

If there was at least one point, when you were thinking about what makes Beyoncé so stunning, trust us, you are not alone at all. However, the moment has come, when we can finally peek into the celebrity’s world of beauty. How? Well, two of Beyoncé’s make-up artists have recently shared some secrets in two exclusive interviews.

When talking to Into the Gloss, Knowles-Carter’s make-up artist Francesca Tolot shared a few things. She’s been working with the singer for over 10 years. It was she, who developed Bey’s iconic music video look from her radiant appearance in Single Ladies to impeccable skin in If I Were A Boy. At the same time, the legendary make-up artist Sir John, had an interview with Destination Iman, where he spoke about creating Queen’s metallic smokey eyes and improving her tired skin.

Queen Bey’s Glowing Skin

When a person lacks sleep, Sir John loves using Beauty Elixir by Caudalie. According to him, the product helps addressing fatigue signs in a quickly manner, while not emphasizing on makeup. He mentioned that, when he needs a foundation or tinted moisturizer, he mixes in several drops of Wonder Glow Illuminator by Charlotte Tilbury. This helps him achieve a luminescent look in the general appearance and in the same time complete it.

Francesca Tolot shared that she uses baby oil to an extreme extent. She said that there was no make-up on Beyonce’s skin, as it would be instantly gone. Tolot stated that baby oil is the ultimate resort. After shooting a video, you can just wipe the oil off with a paper towel, leaving the skin soft and smooth, according to her. And she also stated that she could sometimes mix in some moisturizer or shimmer into the oil.

As of the Single Ladies video, she said that she didn’t have to use oil, as all the glow was absolutely natural due to the incredibly hot weather.

Queen Bey’s “If I Were A Boy” ‘No Make-Up’ Look

Tolot stated that there was almost no makeup on Beyoncé in this video. She used a moisturizer, a lip balm and some concealer. She mentioned that she prefers Amazing Concealer due to its richness and intensiveness. According to Tolot, it can easily cover a big problem, if needed. She also mentioned The Radiant Concealer by La Mer, since it provides enough coverage and is quite moisturizing, while not creasing or drying.

Queen Bey’s Mascara

In Extreme Dimension Mascara by MAC was cited by Talot one of the favorite things to use on Beyoncé. She considers it the best mascara at the moment and uses it constantly, when working with the singer.

Queen Bey’s False Lashes

According to Tolot, whenever she’s using eyelashes, not just on Beyoncé, she buys them at a drugstore. As of using them on Bey, the make-up artist said that she’s not using them on the singer much anymore. They had used some in the Blow video, since it was set in the 70’s and required a respective look. They stopped using lashes several years ago, though, because it looked too retro.

Queen Bey’s Metallic Eyelids

When traveling with the singer on tour, Sir John can experiment however he wants. This is how he came up with Beyoncé’s metallic eyelids.

He says that there are tons of ways to introduce this look. It could be a glistering jewel-tone smokey silhouette, a bronze, silver, or copper finishing in the tear ducts, and so on. He is playing with all the ideas according to the light’s reflections from Bey’s face. He claims that this results in rather “charming” looks. And we can’t disagree.

Queen Bey’s Eyebrows

Tolot bleached the star’s eyebrows to transform them for her “4” album and she loved doing it. She was essentially referencing Mina, a very famous Italian singer in the 70’s, as she was often bleaching or even shaving her eyebrows. The make-up artist revealed that Beyoncé tried to keep hers bleached as long as possible at that time and this is why she had them bleached on the W cover.

Well, now you know some of the secrets about Queen Bey’s amazing looks. It could sound a bit too simple and unbelievable for some, because it’s Beyoncé and she’s always gorgeous. However, the truth is that all things ingenious are actually simple.

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