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Weirdest Instagram Trends to Hit 2018

Nowadays Instagram feeds are flourishing with unending tips and inspiration to get our beauty game to the next level. Flawless fit bodies, six-pack abs, stunning cut-crease eye looks, and impeccable contour are surfacing on the social network every single day.

However, so many of the up and coming beauty trends on Instagram are either weird or just plain ridiculous. Eyebrow wigs and nose hair extensions, for example, are really something shocking, and not in a good way. We have made a list of the weirdest of the worst beauty trends that have surfaced by the end of 2017 and marched right into 2018. Prepare to laugh and cringe.

Nose Hair Extensions

This trend has been famed and shamed, respectively. Or vice versa. It actually doesn’t matter. Nose hair extensions are plainly terrible. How are they done? You cut up false eyelashes and then stick them around the under side of each of your nostrils. There is little we can say about it. The trend speaks for itself. One question remains, though: why?

Lollipop Lips

It’s 2018 and just recently Elon Musk successfully launched his Tesla roadster into open space with a spaceman dummy in it. Clearly, this is the era of cutting edge technology and complete social media nonsense. And you like messy makeup, there’s a chance you may like this trend. In order to achieve the infamous lollipop lips look, you need to apply your favorite lipstick to your lips and when you’re done, smudge it around your lip’s edges. This will supposedly make it look, as if you had recently been savoring a lollipop. This could be somewhat cool for an edgy, goth-y beauty product marketing gimmick. But, try to think of this as an everyday look. Yup, absurd.

Unicorn Beauty Trend

Perhaps, it’s time to take a pause – kind of – and take a deep breath. The unicorn beauty trend has been around for about a year or so. People all over Instagram have been candy floss-coloring their hair, fingernails and even their eyelids. Unlike the previous two trends, this one looks fun and gives some kind of color relief to the Instagram feed. However, have you seen many people looking like this in the everyday life? That’s doubtful.

Colored Highlighter Makeup

Social media have been dominated by silver, pink, and even peach highlighters recently. But the restless trendsetters can’t make it go its own way and are always looking for ways to push it even further. The new black, blue, purple and even rainbow highlighter makeups are seriously cringe worthy. Of course, this might look really good at some artsy fair or exhibition. But, a daily look… imagine running into a co-worker with almost a half of their face in a bright purple highlighter makeup!

Glitter Roots Trend

When you look at things like this, you realize that so many people are willing to do just about anything for attention. One thing is glittering hair roots during the festival season, but it’s an absolutely different talk, when carrying on a regular life. Screaming for attention and unbelievably messy. This is definitely one of the gems of our list.

The Use of Household Items for Makeup Application

2017 in Instagram showed that people are quite inventive in finding surprising and bizarre ways of applying makeup using household items. This includes bra padding, forks, and even sleek Christian Louboutin heels. But, why would anyone want to waste time and talent on this, when there’s a seemingly endless amount of makeup brushes. Impractical and plainly pointless.

 Flare Nails

If you’ve reached this far and haven’t cringed yet, you are about to do it now. Although it pays an homage to a 70’s trend, flare nails are absolutely extreme. Like, really, absolutely savage. Although flare nails provide a rather wide canvas for nail art, they have no practical use.

Eyebrow Wigs

It is no surprise that every single lady wants to have the perfect set of stunning eyebrows. There market is filled with products meant for taking proper care about this particular part of one’s face. Why would anyone want to start using wigs to make it right, instead?

False Freckles

The last and the latest of the weird Instagram beauty trends on our list. Numerous trends started manufacturing freckle pencils as a response to this viral social media trend. It has already gone forth and wide during this short period with freckle stickers and tattoos for sale. Thanks to Instagram, we now have seen metallic and even rainbow freckles.

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