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False Health Claims of Metabolism Boosting That You Should Be Aware of

Have you been hearing false health claims about boosting your metabolism? You shouldn’t be fooled by the claims because there are just a couple of methods for boosting metabolism. You can either opt for bariatric surgery or begin weight training to increase muscle mass.

The factors that can slow down your metabolism are numerous but the positive news is you don’t have to accept these changes without a fight. You can easily fight the triggers of metabolism to change it for the better. This is what some experts have to say about how a reversal of a negative metabolic trend can be achieved to improve the calorie burning engine of your body

Your Hormones Can Slow down Metabolism

Your hormones or a lack of them can slow down your metabolism. A natural deficiency of estrogen receptors in the brain because of the aging process resulted in mice gaining weight without consuming additional calories, discovered researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. This principle also applies to humans because most people gain weight by about 10% in a decade because our hormones change as we age. People who are concerned about their estrogen levels should talk to their doctor and obtain a healthy solution which is suitable for them.

Metabolism And Hormones Continued

Another reason for the slowing down of metabolism is the decrease of testosterone levels in men and women as they age. This is the hormone which helps in regulating muscle mass. It is well known that additional muscle mass on the body helps to burn more calories even when resting. Men can benefit by preventing this change from happening with the help of additional vitamin D but women may not find similar benefits. Having foods such as egg yolks, fatty fish, salmon and vitamin-fortified breakfast cereals can boost the intake of vitamin D.

Stress Can Also Affect Your Metabolism

Stress can cause an increase in the cortisol levels which is also a hormone in the body and can affect the metabolism. An increase in cortisol levels can cause people to overeat leading to weight gain. The additional weight, in turn, will slow down metabolism. People are advised to avoid situations which cause their stress levels to increase and adopt an exercise routine which will help them to maintain their weight while also acting as a stress buster.

Lack of Sleep

When the body doesn’t get the required amount of sleep it begins to have difficulties in metabolizing carbohydrates. People should never make an attempt to avoid sleeping because when carbohydrates are not metabolized they can increase blood sugar levels. The higher levels of blood sugar will spike insulin levels which cause the body to store energy which is unused as fat. People are advised to stop this cycle and set their body clock to ensure they get enough sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day including weekends will help to change the cycle.

Having Fatty Food Is Another Trigger

People who are accustomed to having plenty of fatty foods must understand their metabolism will slow down in order to conserve the fats for use later, resulting in another cycle of weight gain. People that want to maintain their metabolism at appropriate levels should avoid fatty foods and prefer to have lean meat along with low-fat dairy and also begin the consumption of monounsaturated fats which are healthy and can be found in fish, avocados and raw nuts.


Some medications have the potential to slow down the metabolism and cause an expansion in the waistline. This is a problem which is generally encountered by people who need to take antidepressants, medications for diabetes, hormone therapies, and steroids. A discussion with the doctor is advised for people who suspect a medication is resulting in weight gain. The doctor may change the prescription, dosage, and even suggest a particular time of the day to have it.

Health Conditions

Hypothyroidism is a classic example of a medical condition which slows down metabolism because it doesn’t allow the thyroid gland to make the hormones necessary. Unfortunately, most people do not hesitate to blame the slowdown of their metabolism on an idle thyroid and other medical conditions while the actual reasons are just the problem of overeating and avoiding exercise. Things would be a lot better if people contacted their doctor to have a blood test done. An idle thyroid may receive help from the doctor with medication but in other cases, people must concentrate on their diet and begin exercising more.

Other factors which can also contribute to the slowing down of your metabolism is eating insufficiently and the lack of exercise. People are advised to understand why their metabolism is slowing down by trying to find the truth and not believing some of the false claims which are floating around.

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