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These Foods Shorten Your Life and You Will Never Guess What They Are

People normally don’t like considering some particular foods to be unfitting for their diets. Most would prefer enjoying an ice cream bucket under the melting-hot summer sun and not feel guilty about it. Same goes for cookies and other cheat meals on weekends or holidays, or any other days of the year. Whatever the diet, it’s safe enough to say that everyone wants to live a long, healthy life. And this means it’s necessary to know the food you eat is safe.

It is obviously perfect to eat unprocessed food at all times, but this doesn’t mean that processed foods will necessarily harm your health. We have made a list of rather unexpected foods that should be avoided in order to extend your life’s years.

Processed Meats Are a Big No-No

Expert nutritionists consider processed meats as being one of the most harmful products out there. This type of food frequently undergoes such things, as curing, smoking, and getting filled with sodium along with other substances that prolong its shelf life. This may be a big grief to some people, because we’re talking about salami, sausage, bacon, cold cut lunch meat, and hot dogs here.

It is really important to be careful with processed meats, as its overconsumption alters the gut’s micro biome composition. This, in turn, leads to imbalance that may cause chronic inflammations within the body. Moreover, these foods have already been classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. So, the next time you go to the grocery store for a chunk of bacon, remember that maybe it’s better to call a nearby farm and see what they can offer.

Beware of Artificial Sweeteners

Although you may already be well-informed about restricting sugar consumption, a lot of people think that it’s actually healthier to use artificially sweetened types of their favorite beverages or foods. If you are one of them, it’s better to give this idea a second thought.

According to clinical nutritionist and chiropractic Scott Schreiber, artificial sweeteners have been suspected to have a hand in liver issues, neurological deterioration, diabetes, and many other health problems. He also stated that these substances trick the body into believing it is being given calories. The thing here is that when it find out there were no calories, the brain launches a serious urge for sugar, which leads to more health problems.

Artificial sweeteners are triggering dysbiosis. This is an imbalance of the gut’s micro biome protective bacterial levels. Researches have revealed that Bacteroides, a less helpful strain, are increased, whereas helpful strains of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli see a significant decrease. This drastic change can cause serious conditions, including obesity, inflammation, cancer, and even cause autism.

Be Cautious with Dairy Products

Lactose intolerance is a rather common thing nowadays. But, we’re talking about the consumption of dairy products on the scale of planet Earth’s population. Talking about milk products, research says that they contain hormones, sugars, antibiotic residues, and saturated fat, and none of these are good for one’s health. This is irritating to the digestive system and may cause weight gain, acne, diabetes, and heart disease. Dairy products have also been linked to cases of cancer.

This is one point of view and it looks terrifying. But, not all experts see eye to eye on this matter, as the science behind the harmful effects of dairy products is a grey area. New York University’s clinical associate professor of nutrition Lisa Sasson, R.D., stated in an interview that although there are “studies” about dairy being harmful, she could come up with just as many researches that prove it can actually prevent such diseases, as cancer.

This basically splits people in two camps. Some prefer to stay safe and not jeopardize their health. Others simply continue enjoying their favorite cheese and whipped cream, and not pay attention to the noise about unclear science.

The key to healthy eating is always balance. You can’t just remove processed meat, artificial sweeteners and dairy, and expect that your health will be perfect from that moment and on. Whether you’re following a fitness program, dieting, or just want to lead a life without additional concerns about your health, remember to not overconsume anything, but also make sure to indulge yourself from time to time.

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