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Insane Weight Loss Trends from The Past That Will Leave You Speechless

Today’s weight loss hysteria seems overwhelming. Whenever a new trend surfaces, it appears that fitness junkies and diet crazies have just found a shorter way to die. Well, as weird as it may sound, modern ideas and practices that are said to help lose weight are not the strangest and not the most unhealthy. The weird methods and devices people have used in the past are really something. Let’s have a look at some of these, shall we?

A fair warning to our readers, these trends have no scientific backing and are proven to be ineffective and in some cases detrimental to people’s health. Do not try these at home.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #1. The Cotton Ball Diet

Although this trend doesn’t date back to the mid 1900’s, it’s definitely not a thing anymore, and for good. Just recently, in 2013, people that wanted to lose weight started soaking cotton balls in juice, tea, and other liquids and ate them. This helped them to feel full and avoid eating an actual meal. This fad soon died down as it just didn’t work.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #2. Eating Tape Worms

True, parasites are able to make a person lose weight. However, this is definitely not the healthiest way to do it, considering all the stomach pains, bloating, bacterial infections, anaemia, undernourishment and many other unwanted side effects. Back in the 1950’s, women were taught that they could eat anything they wanted in any quantities, without the risk of gaining weight. All they needed to do was swallowing a tape worm. It finally all proved to be a marketing gimmick.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #3. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

Spiegel Christmas Catalog printed in 1972 featured a then new weight loss aid named “Wonder Sauna Hot Pants.” These ‘wonder pants’ were meant to help get rid of fat in the problem areas by making their owners to sweat and shed some water weight. Although it sounds like a smart idea, but if excessive sweating alone made people get skinnier, there would be much less overweight ones.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #4. Weight Loss Music

In 1949, Wallace Records decided that it would be great to help women shed excess pounds through music. The “therapy” ad even had a testimonial backing up the claims that the “Get Thin to Music Wallace Reducing Records” program helped lose weight in just 7 days. If you are wondering how it was supposed to work, nobody knows, not even the producers of the product.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #5. Vision Dieter Glasses

It was the 1970’s, and we suspect that the creators of the miracle Vision Dieter Glasses developed this device as a joke that really took off. According to the makers, who are based in Arkansas, the goggle-type glasses were helping their users lose extra pounds by simply making food appear less appealing on the grocery store shelves. But, there was more to the wonderful invention. The Vision Dieter Glasses were using a secret European color technology of brown and blue shades that was said to help a person not feel hungry.

Sounds unbelievable and weird. But, wait until we get to the gems of our list.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #6. The Vibrating Belt

Though this is a trend from the past, it may sound and look familiar to you. Back in the 1950’s people thought that having their thighs and hips shaken by a machine was all they needed to get rid of extra pounds. The most surprising thing about these things is that they are still around in one form or another. You can even buy them today. No money back guarantee though.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #7. Weight Loss Cigarettes

This one may sound really weird. Like, really. Before getting banned in 1958 by the FDA, the “harmless,” “clinically tested” weight loss cigarettes were approved and sold to people. According to the manufacturer, the product was able to help the user lose 20 lbs. in just 8 weeks by drying their mouth and, thus, shrinking their tissues. What’s the catch? Well, one had to smoke one cigarette three times in a day. Quite profitable for the manufacturer. Not as beneficial for the user.

Insane Weight Loss Trend #8. The Spot Reducer

The people, who created the spot reducer were incredibly confident in their product. In what way? They were offering a 10-day free trial of the product. The device was essentially a massager and was said to break down fatty tissues without introducing any risks to the user’s health. We wonder how many people even bought this product after trying it!

Insane Weight Loss Trend #9. Fat-Reducing Soaps

Who needs fitness programs and healthy nutrition plans, when there’s a soap that will help you wash off extra pounds, signs of aging, and even a double chin? That’s right, back in the 1920’s there was a company named La-Mar that was selling so-called “fat-reducing” soap to women. Obviously, there was no logic or science involved here.

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