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Michael B. Jordan and His Amazing ‘Black Panther’ Shape

Michael B. Jordan may be familiar to you from his roles as Chronicle’s Steve Montgomery and The Wire’s Wallace, however you’ve probably never seen him as fit as he is now. The rising star has already put up a good body of work portraying Apollo Creed’s son in Creed and a supervillain Erik Killmonger in the upcoming Marvel Studio’s superhero blockbuster Black Panther. We took a closer look at how Michael B. Jordan developed his current astounding shape.

The Man Was Always in Shape

Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan in Creed (2015)

If you look through the actor’s Instagram images before he started training, you will notice that he’s never actually been out of shape. But this is still far from the way he looks in his most recent films. The best he looked before starting to put up muscle was at least half the size of what he looks like now.

The change started, when he was cast to star as Adonis Creed in the critically acclaimed sports drama Creed. As he was portraying the son of the Apollo Creed, the legend in the film series’ setting, Michael had to develop a shape of a boxer on his peak. Although her says that he is “super competitive” in terms of athletic achievements, this is not even close to what he was about to endure in his fitness program for a pro boxer role.

His trainer Corey Calliet stated that it was rather hard in the beginning with Jordan barely benching 20 lbs. and having a huge issue with his leg movement. He went as far as saying that the actor had nothing at that time and actually hated the new regimen. Despite hating the gruelling program, Michael started to steadily show results. In just a year, he had put on 24 lbs. of muscle, which was really helpful in portraying his character.

It’s All about Nutrition

Now, any fitness geek that knows the real deal will rather distinctively insist that exercising provides only half of the result, at best, when you’re trying to get your body into its best shape. In order to get his body into actual fighting shape, Michael B. Jordan had to cut his nutrition almost completely to lean proteins (fish, ground turkey, and chicken), carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, steel cut oats), protein shakes, and green vegetables.

Jordan stated himself that he went to extreme measures in diet change, having to strip his diet down and working thrice a day, six days a week. He claimed that if someone follows such a regimen consistently for ten months or so, their body will definitely change.

Self-motivation Is The Driving Force

Motivation is one of the stronger traits of Michael B. Jordan. He grew up in Newark and his family has always been supporting and inspiring him for his aspirations and work ethic. His father insisted that he needed to be serious about the things he does, so young Michael was prepared to put in extra effort since a rather young age. He always worked hard until complete exhaustion, because only then he would feel deserving.

Clearly, this motivation was the driving force in actor’s incredible physical change, as he went for longer runs and heavier weights. According to Jordan, he was pushing past not wanting to continue because he knew and remembered what he was doing it for and what was at stake.

Training to Rebel against a King

Although Michael has already done some fantastic work with his body for in Creed, he had to bulk up even more for the portrayal of Erik Killmonger. He needed to put on 20 more pounds of muscular mass in about each part of the body. As he stated, he needed to get really massive, adding muscles to his back, shoulders, chest, quads, and even legs.

However, it takes a lot more than just being bulky to play the antagonist, who is also a supervillain in a superhero movie. Along with his fitness regimen, Jordan went through extensive weapons training and also had to learn multiple forms of martial arts. He acknowledged that the preparation for the role in Black Panther was very different from what he went through for Creed.

As Black Panther hits theaters later this month, you will soon be able to see Michael B. Jordan shining on the big screen in his amazing shape and you’ll know how hard he worked to get there!

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