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You Weren’t Taking Proper Care of Your Oral Health, if You Didn’t Know This

Everyone knows that taking care of their gums and teeth is important. Brushing teeth at least two times a day and flossing seem like absolutely normal things to do. Making sure to see the dentist two times a year is a premium pass to a healthy and beautiful smile. But there is more to dental care, than you know.

Some of your everyday routine and maybe even something you’re doing at this very moment could be quite harmful for your teeth. From drinking freshly pressed juice to using your toothbrush for too long, you could be putting your oral health at serious risks. Read on to know more.

Juices Could Be Healthy, but Not for Teeth

The modern tendency of internet personalities posting their meals to Instagram has already led many into confusion. Although a colorful drink on someone’s instagrammed breakfast could be healthy for their gastrointestinal tract, their teeth come short of health.

According to Asia Richardson, DentalWorks’ general dentist, the modern trend of drinking various juices and emphasizing on eating a plate full of colorful things is not all that healthy. It means people are consuming food that is heavily pigmented. Because of this, it can stain the teeth. Ms. Richardson advises to drink juices, coffee, and other heavily pigmented drinks through a straw. This should help keep teeth white and unstained. She insists that it’s critical to minimize the teeth’s exposure to pigments and that using additional tools, like straws, is an absolutely normal thing to do.

Moreover, juice is not the only criminal here. Water can be harmful for your oral health, too. Lemon water, to be precise. Some people like to drink lemon water, when they wake up, since it helps increasing their metabolism. However, this drink develops an extremely acidic environment in one’s mouth. And this may lead to enamel erosion.

It’s Not Okay to Skip Brushing Teeth before Going to Bed

This is not uncommon. Everyone gets lazy once in a while. You return home from the late shift and you need to wake up early in the morning to take your kids to school. You are numb and as soon as you close your eyes, it’s over – ponies and rainbows all over your dreams. But, if this becomes a common thing, your teeth are going to deteriorate.

DentalCorp’s Chief Dental Officer Dr. Gary Glassman states that using mouthwash instead of brushing teeth and flossing before going to bed is a straight path to developing a really bad habit. For some people it is easier to spend a few minutes brushing their teeth in the morning, than at night. They want to look and feel good for the new day. In most cases, when a person doesn’t think it’s important to brush their teeth at night, they simply forget about it. But this can lead to serious consequences. When teeth are not brushed before bed, the mouth becomes very acidic. This causes plaque and building up of bacteria.

Don’t worry, if you don’t brush your teeth before bed once a year. It shouldn’t cause any problems to your oral health. You just have to be cautious and not develop it into a habit. So, if you are putting off tooth brushing at night several nights a week, be prepared that your smile won’t be as pretty, as it could be. Get ready for cavities, plaque buildup, gum disease, and enamel erosion. You just need two minutes of brushing for the protection of your teeth before getting knocked out by Morpheus.

Are You Forgetting to Clean or Replace Your Toothbrush?

Replacing a toothbrush two times a year is a common practice. Many people just get used to receiving a new toothbrush, when visiting their dentist for regular checkup. But, this could be not enough for your oral health.

Dr. Glassman states that toothbrushes should be changed once in three months. This means four times a year. He also advises to replace your toothbrush after you’ve been sick. In case you are using an electric brush, you may always use the ultraviolet cleaning system, when replacing the head. Another good and effective cleaning technique is keeping your brush’s head in mouthwash for twenty minutes.

Oral health is critical not only for a good smile. Bad oral health can lead to various medical conditions due to bacteria buildup in the mouth. So, make sure you go through this information and apply it accordingly, as healthy living will only do well for you.

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