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Your Health Could Already Be Perfect and This Is How You Can Define It

As 2018 marches on with thousands of people having made their New Year’s resolutions about their health, things are starting to get quite a bit stressful for some of them… if not for most of them.

Many have joined gyms, sports teams, running groups and other fitness communities, hoping to become healthier this year, than they were the previous year. As reaching impossible standards remains impossible in endless attempts, some of them may have already started to get a bit depressed. Health goals just remain as elusive as they were, now that the year has started. Time is ruthless and doesn’t forgive any laziness or indulgences. However, is it really about health or just pursuing modern trends?

In reality, there is little in common between health and the way you look, save the frequency of your gym attendance. Moreover, you may end up with some serious health problems, if you push your body too hard for too long. You can actually be absolutely healthy. Read on to find out how you can determine, if you have a perfect health.

Eating Just Enough Food

The modern dietary tendency is overwhelming. People are becoming obsessed with what they should eat. They strictly follow their daily calorie consumption and seriously stress out, when they don’t reach the bar they set for themselves.

However, the indication of good health is simply when you just consume food, when you’re starting to feel hungry, and stop eating, when you don’t feel hungry anymore. This basically shows that you understand your body and its internal signals. You know when it’s enough and don’t force your body from external signals.

Being a Regular Human Being, Not a Record-Setting Athlete

Getting back to the topic of obsession with impossible standards, most people want to be superhumans. They don’t acknowledge the fact that the role models they admire and are so eager to follow have achieved their results through decades of training in their particular fields.

With that said, modern understanding of being healthy is greatly exaggerated. According to doctors, a person doesn’t have to be a marathon runner to be healthy enough. Most contemporary physicians have a particular benchmark for one’s healthy stamina and it’s quite underwhelming, yet surprising. A normal healthy adult should be capable of passing two flights of stairs. That’s it! No hundreds of yards running or a million squats. Just two flights of stairs. Also, it is absolutely normal to even feel tired after the process. So, if you can successfully pass several floors and not get exhausted, you can already be sure that your health is above the average level.

You Feel Okay Doing Whatever You Want

Once again, today’s tendency of healthy lifestyle obsession is a thing. If you take a short tour through Instagram, you may start feeling really worried about the way you are living your life. With fitness junkies as well as adrenaline junkies all around the social media, it’s really easy to jump into wrong assumptions about your lifestyle.

However, it’s absolutely okay if you just take a short walk around the block and not feel guilty about not pushing yourself to heart stoppage at the gym. We know it’s kind of difficult to wrap your head around this idea. It’s especially tough, when you see people climbing mountains, lifting weights, swimming across rivers and lakes.

It is as simple as this. If you feel okay after walking your dog or taking the stairs instead of elevator, you are absolutely healthy. No need to feel guilty or stressed about not burning calories on the treadmill.

Waking Up on Your Own Time

We all know that having a good sleep throughout the night is one of the best thing you can do to your body. However, one thing about your sleep that indicates that you’re rather healthy is that you can wake up, when you need it. In other words, you don’t need an alarm to wake up in the morning and get ready for the day. When on an unhealthy sleep cycle, a person requires an alarm, maybe even several alarms in a row. Are you the one, who can wake up on your own and feel good in the morning? If you are, you’re a healthy human being.

Considering all of the above, don’t rush to increase your health insurance, if you’ve felt your heart bumping after running several laps around your nearest park. Tiredness is a normal state for one to be in after carrying out a physical load. Being healthy shouldn’t be an obsession, it’s when you feel good and don’t stress out over modern fitness and diet trends.

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