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The Most Unusual Insurance Policies Of All Time

Everyone has insurance of some type or the other which can be in the form of auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, Etc. Having an insurance policy provides us some financial security against tragic events which come without warning. A car accident may occur or a tornado like the one in Houston may end up destroying our homes.

It is also a fact that some of us are concerned that may look a bit out of the ordinary. In circumstances like these, we begin looking for insurance policies which are not usually spoken about in the marketing portfolio of insurance companies. It is well known that insurers are willing to cover almost anything especially when they believe that the chances of them making a payout do not exist. We are looking at some of the most unusual insurance policies which were sold by insurance companies and purchased by celebrities who did not hesitate to spend millions. Which are the most unusual insurance policies of all time? You are about to find out!

Insuring Body Parts

The practice of insuring body parts is not the latest fad and has been in existence since the 1900s. However, the practice is not prevalent with the average individuals around town. This practice is highly favored by celebrities who love themselves better than anything else. The average individual has a set of norms within which he or she can operate in but celebrities have different rules for themselves. They are particularly concerned about their body parts and do not mind investing huge sums of money to insure them.

The example of Jennifer Lopez who insured her backside for about $27 million and Julia Roberts who insured her teeth for a reported $30 million are examples which can be taken into account. The average individual may wonder what would ever go wrong with a backside or a smile. However, who can dispute the choices of celebrities because they have a different view of themselves?

Pet Insurance


If you are in love with your furry pets you can rest assured you will not have any difficulties finding pet insurance to cover it against any mishap. Many people have done just that and have chosen to purchase insurance for their pets and we are not just talking about dogs and cats but also have examples of frogs and fish being insured.

Improbable Insurance Policies Of the Unusual Kind

Have you ever heard about improbable insurance policies which are unusual? If not you just need to head over to Lloyd’s in London because they are the people who are famous for issuing unusual insurance policies of various types.

They mainly deal with the probability of your partner or wife having multiple children at the same time and also paying out when claims are made. The marketing strategy used for selling these policies is to scare you into making a purchase by believing that the improbable may happen and leave you with additional expenditure which caused an increase in your living expenses. Lloyd’s is also known to offer insurance policies to employer’s as a safeguard against two or more of their employees winning an unexpected bounty and deciding they no longer need to work because they have become millionaires. The kind of insurance policies offered by Lloyd’s can make you believe that the improbable is just around the corner and can strike you without warning.

Employee of the Year Insurance Policy

Employer’s usually have a difficult time replacing efficient employees that have regularly stood apart from the rest to keep the business functioning and profitable. They believe losing such employees will be a catastrophe which should be avoided at all costs. In such cases, the employer’s no longer have to worry because insurance companies are prepared to play ball and offer the unusual employee of the year insurance policy to protect what companies term as valuable assets. It may not be the most sought-after insurance policy but organizations that have made investments in their employees will not hesitate to purchase some protection to safeguard against events of employee poaching.

Unusual Insurance Policy Against A Supernatural Attack

You would probably believe that creatures like vampires and an assorted list of monsters exist in the world if you have been watching TV or reading fiction. As you have developed the belief and want to ensure that you do not become prey to a supernatural attack you can rest assured that insurance companies are willing to issue you a policy against a misfortune of this type. If your family ever needed to make a claim on the policy they would just have to provide evidence that you had succumbed to a supernatural attack. The insurers would pay out the funds according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

The days when people believed insurance companies only covered homes, vehicles and accidental events have long gone past. Presently you can purchase an unusual insurance policy for anything you can imagine. You just need to be prepared to pay the premiums and wait for the day you can finally make a claim to recover the funds invested.

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