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A Black Line on Your Nail Could Indicate a Serious Illness

Natural change in nail color is quite a common thing. Above anything else nail discoloration is a way for your body to communicate to you that something is going wrong within it. Perhaps, you haven’t heard about this previously, but it’s important to pay attention to things like this. Your well-being can be at serious risk.

In most cases, nail discoloration occurs due to causes such as, as dehydration, fungal infection, or bruises. However, there are times, when nail color change may be a sign of some rather serious diseases, including kidney failure, heart disease, various lung conditions, diabetes, and even cancer.

Jean Skinner and Her Worldwide Melanoma Alert

Jean Skinner is a beauty specialist from East Sussex, England. Several weeks ago she’s had a random client who visited her for a manicure. The lady asked Ms. Skinner to paint her nails with a dark polish. The reason for such a gothic request was a black line that she’s had in the middle of her nails, which she wanted to hide.

Jean’s client was sure that this dark line was just absolutely innocent and linked it to a lack of calcium or bruising. However, as it turned out, everything was a lot more serious for her. With the client’s permission, Skinner is used this experience to raise awareness among the netizens.

So, as soon as Jean Skinner saw the anomalous nail pigmentation on her client’s finger, she was well aware that it was much more than a regular bruise or calcium deficiency. As she didn’t want her client to panic, she simply advised her to visit a doctor and let them see her fingernail. The result was shocking, if not terrifying. After the lady had her nail examined, the line turned out to be a sign of melanoma. For those, who don’t know, melanoma is fatal form of skin cancer.

As soon as Jean found out about the examination results, she took to Facebook and shared her shock about this incident. She mentioned that when her client called her, she told that it was an extremely aggressive melanoma type. Moreover, the cancer has already spread into the lymph nodes and the doctors weren’t really optimistic regarding her prognosis.

It turned out that the woman has had the line on her fingernail for quite some time. But, all the other manicure specialists she’s visited before Ms. Skinner were just brushing it off.

From a Facebook Post to Worldwide Action

Today, after this disturbing run-in, Jean is doing all she can to alert people. She insists that it’s necessary to pay higher attention to nail beds, since even the slightest changes you may consider harmless can indicate a serious illness. Skinner’s post has gained wide publicity and started circulating around the web. Little by little, other people started sharing their experiences. For instance, one of the readers told that she’s recently had top half of her thumb amputated due to malignant melanoma. She’s had a similar black mark on her fingernail. The reader also urged others to take this situation seriously because of the aggressiveness of this type of cancer.

However, there is one thing that should be considered even in light of this shocking case. The official UK NHS guidelines state that dark lines running down the fingernails are rather common in black people, who are older than 20 years. It is also stated that this is absolutely normal in the majority of cases. In the same time, the NHS does advise to not ignore these lines, as they in fact can be an indication of subungual melanoma. This is a type of skin cancer particularly affecting the nail bed. So, you should see your physician nonetheless, if you find a dark line on your nail.

Always Be On Guard of Your Own and Your Loved Ones’ Health

Although these are just two stories, there are so many more, if you go looking. They are a solid reminder that regardless of how small the dark line on your fingernail is, you should go to the doctor and let them examine you. You don’t want to risk your life, if you have melanoma. Even if it turns out you’re healthy and this is a bruise or some vitamin deficiency, it’s always better to know for sure and sleep soundly at night.

As Jean Skinner carries on with her noble mission, we should be alert. Always make sure your body isn’t screaming for help. Make sure your loved ones are safe.

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