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The Incredible Story of Brie Larson Becoming Captain Marvel

Brie Larson has earned herself an Oscar and although some may consider this achievement the top of the tops, the actress doesn’t seem to stop in her acting endeavors. Larson is set to portray Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel in her solo Marvel Studios’ film and she is dead serious about it. Recent images of Larson in Captain Marvel’s superhero costume showed the fans that she’s put up some incredible work to get fit for the role. With all the buzz created in social media over her upcoming movie, we are sure she will inspire adolescent girls and women all over the world to achieve their fitness goals and to bring out their inner superhero too. Let’s see how she managed to get ripped so fast for the role of one of Marvel’s definitive female superheroes.

Getting on with the Weights

Although a lot of skinnier people aren’t really excited about weight-lifting, because they don’t want to get too bulky, Larson begged to differ. Her physical trainer taught her that doing it right can do miracles and will not make you that bulky, as others fear. Ms. Larson put time in building muscle in each of her body parts, especially upper back, arms, and shoulders.

Getting Fit at the Jump School

Preparation for Captain Marvel’s role also led Larson to the incredible world of plyometrics, or jump training. She went through a lot of air and jumping in the process of pound-shedding and muscle-shoring. And, as we can already see, the actress has made some serious progress and her shape is already to die for.

Staying Alive Over Deadlift

Although staple weightlifting move could look like something meant to break backs, it does absolutely the opposite, when done correctly. Deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, and other core strength moves help develop the fit body base, whatever the body size, and make a person quite strong, while not making them big.

She’s Already Had a Fitness Base

As it turned out, Larson has had previous gym experience, so her taking on a superhero role has largely been tied to keeping up the good work. No doubt, the hardest part of training is making the first step, but once you overcome the awkwardness and pains in the beginning, you start to feel it work. The actress’s training program has clearly gotten more intensive, but her fitness foundation has prepared her body and brain for further workouts. Moreover, Larson had to get over herself during the filming of Kong: Skull Island. She said that she had spent two months in training two hours a day. The film was really intense and required the cast to climb and move through a lot of things.

Always Prepared

No one gets to a peak shape just by themselves. Rise Movement’s Jason Walsh has been one the celebrity trainers helping Brie to refine her physique. His celebrity clients include Emma Stone, Alison Brie, Minka Kelly, and Miles Teller among others.

Before working with Walsh, the actress has had a run-in with another trainer during the filming of Room. He helped Larson not just develop a fighter’s physique, but also a fighting mentality. He also introduced her to the chemical rush, due to which normal people become gym junkies.

Air Force Training

Since Marvel’s Carol Danvers is an Air Force officer, Brie had to actually spend some time in the real Air Force. The actress shared a picture taken in January 2018, when she visited an Air Force training base. On a photo shared on Instagram, she looks fully equipped for some serious training. Larson visited the Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV, as she wanted to see how pro pilots are made. She spent her time there in her personal jumpsuit, looking around a warbird cockpit and talking to the troops. Although this wasn’t actually a physical training, it sure helped her to get the idea how to perform on screen as an Air Force officer. Moreover, Carol Daners is not just a pilot, she’s a captain, so this was necessary for Larson to learn how to look like one.

All the training and special visits clearly help the actress get to her peak form and set the mind straight for the role. But, she’s not getting any training on fighting off Skrulls. We are going to see her finding a way to do it on her own, when Captain Marvel premieres in theaters in March 2019.


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